Sharpening Services and Price List

Beveled Sewing or Grooming Scissors and Pocket Knife Service

Give new life to your beveled edge German-style grooming scissors or fabric/sewing scissors. Folding pocket knives receive a full cleaning, pivot and pocket clip adjustment (if applicable) and lubrication with food-safe oil. Sharpening included.

Household Knives and Scissors
Serrated Knives, Ceramic Knives, and Chopping Tools

Restore your serrated knives, bread knives, and chopping tools, including axes, hatchets, and machetes. Ceramic blades are sharpened by hand with diamond abrasives. Knives with micro-serrations can be polished and refreshed to some extent, but we can also regrind them with a new plain edge, if you prefer, and for a nominal fee -- making them easier to maintain at home.

Other Blades

Virtually anything with an edge can be sharpened, including chisels and most woodworking/floral tools. Pricing for mower blades, paper cutters, swords, and other large items vary depending on condition and time required. Happy to give you a quote! We do not sharpen saw blades. Sorry!

Clipper Blades

A5 and 30-15-10: Regular - $9; Wide - $11

Large Animal (equestrian, sheep, alpaca, etc.) - $13

Adjustable 5-in-1 - $15

Restore your clipper blades to better-than-new. We use The Shop Inc. sharpening machine specifically designed for this purpose. Blades are cleaned, sharpened, tension adjusted, demagnetized, oiled, and tested. Replacement parts, including ceramic cutters are available at cost. If your blade attaches to your clipper with screws, please bring the whole unit (machine and blades) so that we can test the blade properly before returning.

Haircutting Shears

First developed in Japan, today, most beauty, barber, and grooming shears have convex or semi-convex edges and are hollow ground on the inside of the blades. They only touch along what's called a "rideline" or "honeline," greatly reducing friction and fatigue from hours of use. These shears require disassembly, cleaning, honing on the inside rideline with water stones, outside edges sharpened, burrs removed, polishing, reassembly, lubrication, tension adjustment, and testing. It's really quite a process!

We sharpen on a flat hone with Hamaguri USA clamp to preserve the convex or bevel edge where appropriate. ​Replacement parts are available at cost.


Simple sharpening for non-serrated knives and scissors. Bring back the joy of cooking and chores by keeping your everyday cutting tools sharp.

Wooden Handle Spa Treatment

Includes a light sanding to remove splinters and rough corners and a soak in boiled linseed oil, helping to restore color and water-resistance for a longer-lasting handle.

Damaged Edges

Sometimes, blades need a little extra love to remove extreme rust or debris, a protruding bolster, large chips, repair broken/bent tips, or other damage. Restoring the proper profile and angles is the goal. Save your tool from the landfill and get years more life out of it!

Please test your tools within seven days. If you aren't satisfied for whatever reason, just let us know. We will make it right.
a diagram of a convex edge and beveled edge
a diagram of a convex edge and beveled edge

The base $3 fee covers most repair work and will automatically be added to your invoice if required to properly sharpen your blade. If the repair work exceeds this amount, we will contact you first to confirm how you want us to proceed.

Garden Tools

One-handed pruners/clippers - $6

Two-handed loppers - $8

Hedge trimmers (manual scissor-type) - $10