Equipment and Process

Perfect Edge Sharpening Tower

We use this system primarily to sharpen kitchen cutlery and large blades in our home shop setting. Small blades and garden/floral tools are usually sharpened on a smaller belt sander or with a guided whetstone system depending on client's needs. We also use a buffer with wire wheel for deburring serrated knives and can fully restore bread knives on the PE Tower's diamond wheel. View the video on the left for an introduction to this process.

The unique frame, machines, and belt/wheel set up of the Perfect Edge Tower was developed by Mike Solaegui of Perfect Edge Cutlery in San Mateo, California.

Did you know?

Many manufacturers sharpen their blades on machines very similar to how we do at Restored Edge. We take pride in the quality of our work and returning your knives and tools as sharp or sharper than when they were new.

Benchmade Knife Company (Oregon City, OR)

Buck Knives (Post Falls, ID)

Case Knives (Bradford, PA)

Cutco Knives (Olean, NY)

Global Cutlery (Niigata, Japan)

TOPS Knives (Idaho Falls, ID)

Flat Hone with Hamaguri Arm & Clamp

The flat hone is the most versatile and consistent way to sharpen scissors and shears. It allows us to use the ideal abrasives for each situation and easily change between sharpening and polishing as well as adjust for convex or beveled edges. For most haircutting shears, we also utilize a water stone for honing the inside rideline (where the shearing action happens between the blades). The guide arm and clamp are from Hamaguri USA, and the machine was built by Ray Pope from Precision Sharpener.

The Shop Inc. Clipper Blade Machine

This professional clipper blade sharpening machine uses a precisely-tapered aluminum disc charged with an adhesive and aluminum oxide grit. This produces a very slight hollow grind in both the cutter and comb, creating a perfectly matched cutting surface, allowing hair/fur to exit the blade, decreasing friction, and helping your blades last longer. We're confident that you'll like the results. In many cases, your blades will cut better than they did from the factory!